I optimize for impact. I strive to work with talented people to do amazing things. If you are a misfit, a rebel, or a troublemaker working on something interesting, feel free to send me a message.

I’m currently working on the most advanced AI-powered image and video editor which has been used by thousands of marketers, designers, and creatives to drastically improve their speed and quality of visual asset creation.


I’m an engineer, researcher, and educator that has helped start teams at innovative organizations such as Amazon Alexa and RideOS.

I’m a cofounder of Storia AI where we are building an AI-powered creative assistant for fast and delightful image and video generation. We’re backed by incredible investors and are working on game-changing technology. If that’s of interest of you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

In the past I’ve run a consultancy helping companies across verticals deliver machine learning and data-driven solutions to their hardest problems with a special focus on NLP, recommendation systems, tabular data, and computer vision domains.

I also built Confetti AI, the premier educational platform for training the next generation of machine learning practitioners, which was acquired by Towards AI.



  • I was the 8th hire at RideOS a Sequoia VC-backed autonomous mobility startup acquired by Gopuff.
  • I’m problem-driven (not tool-driven) so I build across the full engineering stack from hardware to software.
  • I like to hack for fun. Here are some side projects I’ve worked on.